This Is How To Make The Lucky Girl Syndrome Work For You [Works!]

This new Tik Tok trend has merit, but you have to know how to do it! This is how to make the lucky girl syndrome work for you!

What is lucky girl syndrome?

TikTok has blown up overnight with videos of girls sharing their lucky girl syndrome stories, but what exactly is lucky girl syndrome?

Lucky girl syndrome is the practice of saying positive affirmations to yourself, in order to bring these positive changes into your life.

This goes hand in hand with the Law Of Attraction/Assumption as well as other manifestation techniques.

Unlike the law of attraction, however, lucky girl syndrome is truly a practice that can raise your vibration and its effects will be felt way before you manifest something in your physical reality!

Lucky girl syndrome will increase your sense of gratitude and overall happiness in life because you will start to rewire your mind to believe that you are a lucky girl and everything comes to you exactly the way you want to!

By shifting your emotions from lack to gratitude, you will start to vibrate at a higher frequency, and attract better things because you will become a vibrational match!

You can truly become a self-fulfilling prophecy from the inside, (inner world) to the outside! (external environment).

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Lucky girl syndrome example

Let’s say you have been thinking about starting a Youtube channel.

You get excited at first but then you start to doubt yourself.

These thoughts slowly start turning into fear of rejection and feelings of unworthiness.

You decide you’re not good enough and you can’t start this project because you could never succeed.

See what happened there?

Your thoughts have an immediate effect on your physical reality. Thoughts turn into things.

Now, what would happen if instead of feeling doubtful and afraid, you told yourself “I am ready for this new chapter, I was built for new beginnings and I am fearless and confident! I can have great success because I am amazing!”

Now you have filled your body, mind, and spirit with positive energy that will propel you into a bright future full of opportunity, where your wildest dreams will come true!

And it all started with the way you spoke to yourself.

In times of doubt and fear, remember this motivational quote:

“Nature rewards courage, not fear. Have the courage to follow your heart’s desires, and nature will make your paths painless.”

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This is how to make the lucky girl syndrome work

You know what lucky girl syndrome is and you know the benefits. Now for the juicy part, how do you get it to work for you?

It all starts with your current beliefs about yourself.

Do you have limiting beliefs about yourself?

Do you think you deserve to have riches and luxury in life? Do you believe you can be a successful business owner?

If you say yes but you feel a resistance building up in your stomach, it’s because you don’t believe you are worthy, or capable.

Don’t worry! We all have those self-limiting beliefs, and it’s truly not your fault.

Self-limiting beliefs come from our parents, teachers, friends, media, past traumatic experiences, etc. If left untreated, self-limiting beliefs will integrate with your mind and you will start behaving as those beliefs. This can have a negative impact on your life and your overall well-being since you won’t feel fulfilled.

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I made two videos on TikTok where I go more in-depth on how to rewire your mind with new, empowering positive beliefs and make the lucky girl syndrome work for you.

Check them out here!


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♬ Chill Vibes – Tollan Kim

When you actually believe that you are worthy and lucky, and everything works out for you, things will start working out for you!

This is how to get the lucky girl syndrome to work for you. You start to believe those affirmations instead of just saying them.

Another amazing way to get the lucky girl syndrome to work for you is by practicing gratitude in your everyday life.

Start pointing things out in your life, that make you feel lucky right now!

You have a home, you have food, and you have a phone which allows you to access limitless information.

Gratitude attracts more things to feel grateful for. Likewise, feeling lucky attracts more things in your life to feel lucky for.

So here it is!

To get the lucky girl syndrome to work for you, you must:

  1. Rewire your mind to replace negative self-limiting beliefs with new positive and empowering ones.
  2. Practice gratitude by pointing things out in your everyday life right now, that make you feel lucky, thus attracting more things to feel lucky for.

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