This Is The Best Full Body Workout You’ll Ever Need [Enjoyable]

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Exercise is a phenomenal addition to your life. You know that. I know that. We all know that. But what happens when you’re not into the popular fitness trends such as weight lifting, HIIT, cardio, etc? The answer is simple…like super simple. Go for a walk!

Honestly, it’s as simple as that. The benefits of walking go way past the physical ones. Put on your headphones, play your favourite beats, and let the confidence and endorphins fill you up! I bet you’re already doing it, so how about you amp it up a bit and make it an effective workout?

What Are The Benefits Of Walking

According to this article on Mayo Clinic, regular brisk walking can help your overall health in many ways such as improving your cardiovascular fitness, maintaining a healthy weight, strengthening your bones and muscles, improving your balance and coordination, and more.

Walking can also help your mental health by increasing energy levels, improving your mood, cognition, memory, and sleep, and even reducing stress and tension.

Walking is clearly highly beneficial for our health and requires little resistance. Nevertheless, people seem to shy away from walking because they believe it isn’t effective enough.

This myth has been debunked!

According to this article on Verywellfit, walking is an excellent form of daily exercise due to its effectiveness and easiness on the joints. Combined with a balanced nutrition plan, you are well on your way to a healthier life.

So when is the best time to go for a walk? It depends on your schedule. I absolutely love walking in the morning, upon waking up. Here are some benefits of walking in the morning:

Benefits Of Walking In The Morning

First and foremost, you’re starting your day off with a great energy boost that occurs naturally through walking.

Secondly, walking in the morning can help reduce your stress levels by keeping you grounded and more aware of your thoughts. Stressful days start with fast-paced mornings for the most part. Slow down, tune in, and bring that feeling with you for the rest of your day. You just meditated!

Lastly, you don’t have to get in a car to drive or even make any big preparations in order to go for a walk. All you have to do is put on a good pair of walking shoes, grab a bottle of water, put on your headphones, and you’re good to go!

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According to the experts, even 10 minutes of your day dedicated to walking can have incredible effects on your health.

However, the duration can be entirely up to you.

Let’s say you go for a walk in the morning and you only have 15 minutes before you have to go back home to get ready for work. You better pat yourself on the back and a big high-five because you have chosen to do something for yourself, your mind, and your body. As you can tell, the duration is subjective.

Now, if you have a certain goal, say you want to shed a couple of pounds, then you can get yourself my Workout Log Book, available now on Amazon, keep track of your walking distance, duration, warm-up and cool down.

As a beginner, you might want to start with shorter sessions. As you get more comfortable with it, you can make playlists that amp you up, or even listen to audiobooks and podcasts and get lost in the magic of mindfulness that comes from walking!


Once again, when you decide to go for a walk is entirely up to you.

I mentioned the benefits of walking in the morning which is my personal favourite time to go for a walk, however, any time to move and do something for yourself, is a perfect time.

If you do choose to go on a night walk, keep it slow and easy so it doesn’t interfere with your sleep.


This is a huge game-changer.

Going for a walk around the neighbourhood can be very calming, especially if you live in the suburbs, etc.

However, the benefits of walking in nature are endless. Needless to say, it is the best place to go for a walk.

Is there a park nearby? Perhaps one that you can walk to? Is there an area that has trees, flowers, and plants? Walking in nature is an absolute game-changer for your mind and body. Put on your headphones, or just listen to the sounds of birds and leafs blowing in the air!

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