10 Powerful Self-Reflection Journal Prompts You Need To Try Now


Self-reflection is becoming everyone’s priority more and more these days. There is clearly a movement toward self-discovery and I am absolutely here for it! Here are 10 powerful self-reflection journal prompts! BONUS: Download the Free Printable Journal Prompts Worksheet!

What is self-reflection?

Self-reflection is simply the act of diving deep into every aspect of your inner self such as your personality traits, your thoughts, your behavior, your desires, etc. and bringing it to light.

Through self-reflection, you can analyze every aspect of yourself and see why you do things the way you do, where certain habits and beliefs stem from, as well as how to change them if necessary.

Self-reflection is a fantastic way to learn more about your true self!

Why is self-reflection so important?

Self-reflection is highly important because through this practice you can discover aspects about yourself you had never even realized existed as well as where they came from.

Without self-reflection, it can be much harder to move forward in life, achieve goals, create the life you desire, and fulfill your personal purpose.

Taking the time to look within in a world that seems like it’s moving faster than we could ever handle, is truly one of the best things you can do for yourself, as well as those around you!

Some of the most successful and inspiring individuals had to take the time to figure out who they were, what they wanted to do in life, and whom they wanted to serve.

Self-reflection is the art of knowing and modifying your own personal life blueprint and this is a task only you can complete.

What is an example of self-reflection?

One of the most common and effective ways to practice self-reflection is through journaling.

Journaling prompts help you dive deep into the unanswered questions you may have about yourself, as well as discover aspects of yourself you didn’t even know you had.

Journaling is a phenomenal practice that you can do every single day, with studies showing that even 5 minutes of mindful journaling has an immensely positive impact on your mental and overall well-being!

***Download the Free Self-Reflection Journal Prompts Worksheet here.***

Benefits of self-reflection

1. Get to know the real you.

You might think you know everything about yourself, but chances are you don’t.

For the most part, the majority of our current beliefs and behaviors come from our parents, friends, teachers, tv and social media influences, etc.

So who is the real you? What do you really like and what do you really believe about your dreams and desires? What do you think about life in general?

Taking some mindful breaths and recentering yourself will help you get the real answer to these questions from your own source.

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2. Live a fulfilling life.

We aren’t here to live a life for our parents, friends, teachers, etc. We are here to live a life we can truly be happy for. A fulfilling life without any regrets.

Unfortunately, many people choose to live their lives based on other people’s beliefs and desires, which leads to an “autopilot” kind of life without any purpose and fulfillment.

Self-reflection can truly bring forward and uncover those beliefs and if you choose to do so, you can rewire them and replace them with your own authentic and aligning beliefs.

Isn’t that wonderful?

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3. It helps you serve others.

Here’s something you might not know about humanity but is actually a vital part of our existence:

We are here to serve each other with our unique talents and abilities.

Today’s society structure tends to promote selfishness and personal gain but think of this.

Have you ever helped someone? How amazing did you feel afterward?

Didn’t it feel like a natural high that energized your entire body and begged for more?

That is because our true purpose in life isn’t to live a life for ourselves only. It is to live the best life we can live while serving others with our unique talents and abilities. This is the true essence of humanity, peace, love amongst worlds, and unity.

And self-reflection is a powerful tool that can help you do exactly that.

Self-reflection journaling app

If you love writing on your phone instead of the traditional pen and paper idea, check out the Reflection App, a minimalistic digital journal where you can jot down as many things as you want throughout your day.

I have personally been using this app for the last two weeks and even though I love writing with pen and paper, I love the convenience of just taking my phone out and pouring my heart out!

(I am not sponsored by this app, I just really wanted to share something that I personally have been using and has helped my self-reflection practice be more frequent!)

Click here to download Reflection App.

10 Powerful self-reflection journal prompts [+free printable]

  1. How far have you come with your goals in the last 12 months?
  2. What is an activity you love doing but don’t do it as much, and why?
  3. What is your ideal self doing right now?
  4. How can you become your ideal self, starting today?
  5. What is a deep-rooted fear you have and where did it come from?
  6. What is a project you have been putting off for a while and why?
  7. Do you feel that fear is holding you back in life? Why?
  8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years, and why?
  9. How much confidence do you have in yourself and your abilities? Why? If necessary, how can you improve that?
  10. Do you feel like you are living a life for yourself? If not, what can you do to change that?

How often should I practice self-reflection?

You can practice self-reflection in a way that fits your schedule seamlessly, as often as you feel comfortable.

A good practice plan as a beginner can be twice a week whenever you feel more creative and able to write your thoughts down, either morning or evening, etc.

If you are more familiar with journaling, you may take 5 minutes everyday to write down your thoughts and reconfigure your action plan.

***Download the Free Self-Reflection Journal Prompts Worksheet here.***

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