Home Exercise Equipment For Small Spaces List For Beginners

Finding home exercise equipment for small spaces can be quite challenging and overwhelming since there are so many options. I have put together a list of home exercise equipment for small spaces, perfect for beginners and advanced levels. These are all the staples that I have been using and can’t live without!

home exercise equipment for small spaces

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I remember transitioning from a gym membership to my own personal home gym. I was nervous, but also excited. Working out in your own space is so comfortable!

Nowadays, more and more people are transitioning to home workouts because of the easiness and convenience. Certainly, having the right home exercise equipment can help you achieve your goals faster.

Likely you only need a few home exercise essentials to build your own home gym!

It can get pretty overwhelming trying to figure out what kind of home exercise equipment you need to get without overspending, especially as a workout beginner, so I thought I’d share with you my favorite home exercise equipment for small spaces!

This list of home workout equipment is perfect for beginners and/or beginners that live in small spaces.

I lived in a very small apartment when I started building my home gym, and it worked out perfectly for me!

These are the exact same ones I use for my home workouts at the moment, so I think you will find this very helpful.

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home exercise equipment for small spaces

Quick List Of Home Exercise Equipment For Small Spaces

Non-slip Exercise Mat $33.99

Weight Lifting Gloves $21.50

Resistance Bands $25.99

Barbell Bar $49.92

Weight Plates $23.03 (starting from)

Adjustable Dumbbells $69.97

Barbell Pad $24.99

Ankle Weights $18.76

Aerobic Stepper $36.99

Jump Rope $11.49

Foam Floor Tiles $33.82

Workout Attire prices vary

*NEW ADDITION* Core Sliders $14.95

13 Pieces Of Home Exercise Equipment For Small Spaces

1. Non-Slip Exercise Mat

This is hands down the #1 home exercise essential for beginners.

That’s because you need a sturdy, non-slip surface for working out comfortably, without faceplanting on the floor or feeling anxious because it might happen.

Life-changing beginner home workouts, hands down!

Exercise Mat $33.99

2. Exercise Gloves

As an exercise beginner, If you choose weightlifting as your new hobby, know that Weight lifting gloves are absolutely necessary, for a comfortable home workout, or any workout!

Calluses and blisters can form very easily even after just one workout and they can linger for a while.

Especially if you love weight lifting as much as I do! In other words, take care of your precious hands and kick ass at the same time.

It’s that easy!

Weight Lifting Gloves $21.50

3. Resistance Bands

One of my absolute favorite pieces of home exercise equipment for small spaces.

When it comes down to storing them, they take up little to no space.

They are affordable, easy to carry, and very versatile. My personal favorites are the fabric material ones because they stay put through the entire workout.

You could also invest in resistance bands with a door anchor for home exercises such as glute kickbacks, back rows, chest rows and so much more!

Resistance bands $25.99

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4. Barbell Bar

A bit more on the pricey side, Barbell bars are a great addition to your home gym, even for exercise beginners.

Above all, you can recreate all the gym fundamentals such as Back Squats, Deadlifts, Back Exercises, etc. right from the comfort of your home!

Barbell bars are also very easy to put away. (I keep mine under my bed!).

If you want to get serious with your gains, this one’s a great home exercise equipment investment!

Barbell Bar $49.92

5. Weight Plates

Looking to add even more resistance?

Weight plates allow you to play around with the weight by adding more to your barbell or less.

Moreover, you will eventually build a nice collection, with a wide range from light plates to heavy.

Progressive overload can be achieved with home exercise too!

Weight Plates starting from $23.03

6. Adjustable Dumbbells

I absolutely love adjustable dumbbells.

They allow you to add or remove weight to accommodate your workout, which allows you to move quickly and worry-less.

Also, they take a lot less space in your home compared to individual sets of dumbbells.

A basic home exercise staple for beginners and advanced!

Adjustable Dumbbells $69.97

7. Barbell Pad

One of my favorite exercises is the Hip Thrust.

A classic leg day at the gym, calls for this booty staple.

If you are familiar with this exercise, you definitely know all about the dreaded bruising it can leave on your hip bones. However, you can upgrade this move with a very easy fix, the Barbell Pad.

They come in many colors and most importantly, at low prices. I use mine EVERY SINGLE TIME. No more bruising!

Barbell Pad $22.99

8. Ankle Weights

Another leg day favorite, Ankle Weights are an awesome addition to any workout.

First of all, they add extra resistance to the legs and butt. This makes the workout fun, exciting as well as tough.

Secondly, they are portable, so you can bring them with you if you are traveling or if you are away from home for a couple of days.

Last but not least, they are very affordable. Definitely a home gym upgrade!

Ankle Weights $18.76

9. Aerobic Stepper

First off, standard bodyweight training on the ground can be pretty brutal.

Choose the right exercises, and you’ll be sweating, no question. But what about training on different planes?

Training on different planes can make your home workouts fun and oh so sweaty!. Since aerobic steppers add elevation, your muscles have to work harder to compensate. You can use it for elevated push-ups, hollow holds, leg exercises, and whatever else you can come up with!

Aerobic Stepper $36.99

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10. Jump Rope

When we were kids, jump rope was our go-to fun time.

Firstly, you could come up with some unique combos and impress everyone.

Secondly, the faster you jumped, the better.

Finally, jump rope was very easy to find, since everyone owned one!

Today the jump rope is still very easy to find, however people seem to avoid it because of how intense it can get if you haven’t been training.

Grab your jump rope and use it as a 5-minute warm-up, or use it as part of a HIIT workout.

Jump Rope $11.49

11. Foam Tiles

A perfect home gym should ABSOLUTELY have these foam tiles all over.

I will never forget the first time I put a dent on my floor because I dropped my dumbbells too fast. As a result, I finally decided to buy foam floor tiles. Incredible investment!

Interlocking foam floor tiles can make up a large area for your workout, so you can be comfortable and safe, without damaging your $$$ floor!

Foam Floor Tiles $33.82

12. Workout Attire

Ok, this last one is not necessarily a home workout equipment essential, but it definitely is a confidence booster!

When you dress the part, you will feel more confident.

As a result, you will perform at your best, because you will feel like you are the best! Splurge a little in some cute workout attire and let the confidence turn you into a training machine. It really works!

Workout Attire prices vary

13. *NEW ADDITION* Core Sliders

In one of my latest posts, 7 Advanced Core Exercises At Home, I talk about Core Sliders, and how much of a game-changer they can be, for your home ab workouts.

I have personally seen immediate results, after just one ab workout!

Core Sliders force your body to engage every muscle group while building core balance and strength.

If traditional ab workouts don’t cut it for you anymore, it’s time to invest in a pair of Core Sliders.

Did I mention how affordable they are? I got mine for just under $15! You’re welcome.

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What Is The Cheapest Home Exercise Equipment For Small Spaces?

Thank you very much for reading!

I hope you found this article helpful and motivating!

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