How Do You Deal With Feeling Stuck In Life? It’s Simple

Feeling stuck in life is a common roadblock for many. Here’s how to deal with feeling stuck in life!

Are you feeling stuck in life?

Maybe you want something really bad but day in and day out it’s not coming to you.

Maybe you want a new job, a new relationship, a new location.

Do you see a common denominator among these desires?

These are all things that you want from your external environment that will “make you happy.”

Let me elaborate!

Why do you feel stuck in life?

The problem with many of us, myself included, is that we always want something to change in our external environment to feel happy.

When nothing changes, we feel stuck.

So we keep waking up feeling stuck in our lives, essentially letting all the good things we currently have pass us by, in the name of some “desired future” that will one day come and save us from our slump.

You may have heard this before, happiness comes from within, not from your external environment. Happiness is a mindset and you can choose it, every single day, despite your current circumstances.

This is a tough pill to swallow because we are so conditioned to wait for the next big thing to excite us.

So there are a couple of reasons why you feel stuck in life:

  • You wait for happiness from external factors. When these factors don’t come into play as fast as you’d like to or at all, you have nothing to feel happy about and therefore wake up in that same -lack- vibrational state every single day.
  • You are incredibly attached to that desired outcome, creating unintentional resistance.
  • You don’t actually realize this as you’re going through it, but even at this point in your life you are actually moving towards your dream life. Not seeing your desired results might just mean that you must do some inner self-work, address self-limiting beliefs, and grow in order to match the person in that future outcome.
  • You’re not spending any time doing creative things you love. As a result, your creativity has become blocked and you don’t know where to go next in life.

Feeling stuck examples

Let’s say Lindsay hates her current job.

She wakes up every single day already mentally playing her day out in her mind going the same, painful way it always does.

She feels sad and even depressed because life is just not giving her a break.

Instead of viewing her current circumstances from the lens of “lack”, Lindsay should look at her life from a perspective of gratitude and happiness.

If you are currently dealing with a similar career issue, try to shift your mindset from lack and dread to gratitude and happiness.

By doing so, you choose to show up as someone who is living in the fruitful present moment with gratitude

If you look very closely, you should be able to find at least three things you are grateful for in your current career.

By shifting your mindset from looking into the future for a lifeline, to living in the present moment with gratitude, you are creating space to receive and you are matching the vibrational frequency of that outcome.

So how do you get unstuck in life?

This definitely sounds easier said than done but if you are feeling stuck, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

1) Start shifting your mindset.

Every single day you wake up, instead of looking at your life through the lens of dread and lack, start paying attention to all those little things that you currently have that if you didn’t have, you’d be in a bad state in life.

Do you drink coffee in the morning? Make it a spiritual moment where you feel so thankful for that cup of coffee.

Do you have a loving partner you wake up next to? Give them the internal attention they deserve because having love in your life is an absolute win in life.

By feeling more grateful about your current life circumstances in this present moment, you are basically telling the Universe to give you more things to be grateful for!

2) Detach yourself from any possible outcomes and any time frames. Rest in the knowledge that everything is coming to you at the right time in the most mind-blowing way.

Being obsessively attached to a future outcome you are pretty much like watching paint dry or a pot of water boil. It’s a bit ludicrous.

Instead, focus on the present moment, resting in the knowledge that everything you are meant to have and desire to have is coming to you in the most mind-blowing and beneficial to you, way.

3) Spend time doing creative things and things you enjoy.

Creativity is one of the highest forms of inspiration.

If you are looking for answers by thinking with your logical mind and you haven’t gotten anything back, try thinking with your creative mind.

You might get an idea while you painting, or singing that will lead you to inspired action.

4) Dedicate some serious time to your self-growth as well as address limiting beliefs that may cause a block in the flow of your life.

Do actually believe you can succeed? Or do you have doubts about yourself?

Maybe deep down inside, you don’t think you deserve it because you watched your parents struggle financially and now you feel guilty.

Energetic blocks can have a serious impact on our lives.

Some amazing tools that have helped me release old self-limiting beliefs and blocks are:

  1. Meditation
  2. EFT Tapping
  3. Hypnotherapy
  4. Self-growth books (I list the ones that transformed my life here.)
  5. Mindvalley (self-growth courses platform with over 8000+ courses on anything you need.)

Final Thoughts

Feeling stuck in life can be very confusing and frustrating at times.

However, the solution is simpler than you think. Just relax and let inspiration and intuition lead you toward inspired action.

Don’t let worry, doubt, or impatience lead your life because those aren’t the emotions your future self most likely has.

Shift your mindset, practice gratitude and living in the present moment, and do things you enjoy to increase creativity, which will spark inspired action!

Thanks for reading!

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