9 Fall Bucket List Ideas To Help You Adore The Season! [PDF]

Fall is here! Time to cozy up in a sweater, drink some PSL, and do all those “fall vibe things” to get the most out of the season! Here are 9 fall bucket list ideas you absolutely must try! Save the list template at the end of the post and print it to write down everything you want to do!

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9 Fall Bucket List Ideas

1. Redecorate Your Home

When a new season rolls in, it’s time to change the mood! I’m talking fall-inspired welcome mats, potpourri, wreaths, nude throws and pillows, fall leaf baskets, etc…

Every fall bucket list has to start with redecorating!

Welcome the new season by creating the perfect fall environment! Also an exceptional mood booster!

2. Read A Scary Book

With daylight time diminishing, getting cozy with a book seems to get easier and easier around fall. Fall goes hand in hand with Halloween, so why not read a scary book? Take a trip to Indigo and grab a spooky book! Mindfulness points for this one as well.

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3. Start A Fall Scrap Book

One of my absolute favourite things I did as a child, was put together a leaf scrapbook. Fall is all about the incredible change that takes place in nature. Start collecting leaves and create your own fall leaf scrapbook! Keep it on your coffee table, it makes for a great conversation piece!

4. Make Your Own PSL-Inspired Fall Drink

I wouldn’t make a fall bucket list without adding something that’s PSL related! Here are some fun ideas you can try to make inspired by Insanely Good Recipes, an awesome recipe blog I personally find myself scrolling through often.

And so much more! Click on the links to check out more of their yummy recipes.

5. Cook Comfort Food With Fall Vegetables And Fruit

Think butternut squash, beets, sweet potatoes, broccoli, figs, pears, apples, etc. Have you ever tried making Butternut Squash Mac n’ Cheese? How about Fig Pie With Pear and Goat Cheese? Sweet Potato PB Soup? Yep. My mouth is watering too. What better way to get your mind in the fall mood than to eat fall food?!

6. Go For A Fall Themed Picnic

After cooking comfort food with fall fruit and vegetables, maybe put them in a basket and go for a fall picnic?

Fall is all about enjoying nature at its finest. Eating food is, well, it’s one of the best feelings in the world! Grab your SO, best friend, or colleague, or just go on a solo fall-themed picnic, preferably at a park where you can see the fall magic.

7. Host A Halloween Movie Marathon

Think Hocus Pocus, Halloween, Beetlejuice, and scary movies such as The Conjuring, Hell Fest, etc.

However, my ULTIMATE favourite Halloween-themed movie has to be The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I beg you to watch this with your friends or solo, but you MUST watch this. It is a fabulous movie!

8. Sweater Shopping

Now, you don’t have to go crazy with this one. But I would absolutely recommend going out for a fall sweater hunt. even if it’s just one. Bonus points if you can do it on a sunny, breezy, fall afternoon.

9. Attend A Fall Festival

There are so many festivities happening in the fall. Octoberfest, Pumpkin Fest, music events like concerts, etc. Time to go out and enjoy the festivities!

Download the list by saving the image below!

Thanks for reading, fit babe!

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