Emotional Escape Room Trend #1: How To Create A Musical Themed Room


Emotional escape rooms are here and everyone wants in! In this post, I will show you how to make some ME time for musicians and music enthusiasts!

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More and more people are turning inwards to find peace. And for good reason.

In a world where we need to commit to many responsibilities and duties, it can be very hard, even near impossible to take time for ourselves.

The emotional escape room trend is on the rise, and I invite you to commit to yourself!

If you are a musician or a music enthusiast, this post is for you! Create a room you will look forward to immersing yourself in!

Emotional Escape Room Ideas

Here are 4 trending emotional escape room ideas:

  • Music themed rooms
  • Crystal room
  • Tiny library room
  • Home massage room

In this blog post, we are focusing on the music themed rooms.

Music Themed Emotional Escape Rooms

Music themed rooms revolve around your love for music.

This can be your favourite genre, ex. rock, pop, etc., or your favourite musical instrument such as guitar, piano, keyboard, etc.

Here are a few things you’ll need for your music themed emotional escape room:


Rugs add a whole new level of “chill” and comfort. This is a staple for any room, but especially for a music themed room since it adds a come-in-and-hang vibe. Here are some of my favourites!



Smiley Face Rug


No Music No Life Rug


Music Pattern Rug


Music Graffiti Rug

Bean Bag

Bean bags have always been a favourite bedroom staple for me. They’re not quite chairs, and they’re not beds. They are the perfect combination and the perfect piece that’s inviting you to relax and listen to some tunes!


Music Themed Decor

This is my absolute favourite part. A music themed room requires lots of creativity and self-expression. Here are some of my favourite art pieces you can add to your room, to help you get inspired!


Music Notes Decor


Neon Signs


Neon Astronaut Musician


Music Minimalistic Print


Custom Spotify Plaque


Psychedelic Aesthetic Print


Add a little more character and comfort by throwing some music themed cushions in your music themed room!


Music Themed Cushion


Headphones Print Cushion

Diffuser & Essential Oils

And last but not least, engage your smell sense by adding some relaxing essential oils in an LED essential oil diffuser.


7 LED Essential Oil Diffuser


6-Pack Essential Oil Set

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