This Is How To Set Daily Intentions Successfully


Setting daily intentions can have an incredible impact on your life and mindset. Here’s everything you need to know on how to set daily intentions!

These days, it seems like we barely have time for ourselves.

Between the constant grind of going to work, building a business, extra curriculum activities, social life, and love life, we can switch to auto-pilot very easily.

Being on auto-pilot however, can be detrimental to your mental health since having time to recenter yourself is an absolute necessity.

This is where setting daily intentions come in.

Setting a daily intention doesn’t have to be time-consuming, in fact, you can do it as soon as you wake up.

The idea behind setting daily intentions is that you will give your mind a goal or a task to execute.

The mind loves to execute goals, it is built for that.

By doing so, you will have a vision map for your day, and despite the circumstances, you will remain focused on that intention.

So, let’s get into all the details of daily intentions!

What are daily intentions anyway?

Setting a daily intention means you are setting up a vision for the way you want to show up throughout your day.

For example, you may want to start being calmer and more peaceful throughout your work week.

Every morning, upon waking up, you may take a few mindful breaths to recenter yourself, close your eyes, and set the intention: “I will be calm today.”

What you’re doing in that moment is giving your brain a task to complete.

The brain is a goal-seeking machine, it will take the instructions you provide and it will execute accordingly.

By setting the daily intention to be calm, your brain will do anything it takes for you to remain calm despite what life throws at you!

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Setting daily intentions benefits

There are so many benefits to setting daily intentions:

  • A daily intention will give you a greater sense of focus.
  • It will give you a greater sense of control over your emotions and reactions.
  • A decrease in stress.
  • A sense of being present.

How do you set daily intentions?

As I mentioned above, setting daily intentions can take less than a minute!

Upon waking up, simply take a few deep breaths to recenter your awareness within.

Start your sentence with: “Today, I will be…” or: Today, I intend to…”

Then decide how you want to show up in your day. Do you want to be calm in the face of stressful situations? Do you want to be kind? Loving? Smiling?

You are instructing your mind to behave accordingly even when faced with stressful scenarios.

Daily intention setting ideas you have to try now

  1. Today, I intend to smile in the face of adversity.
  2. I will remain calm despite the circumstances.
  3. I will be grateful for everything little thing.
  4. Today, I will be present at all times.
  5. I intend to be kind and loving.
  6. I will speak to myself in empowering words only.
  7. I will praise my efforts no matter what the results.
  8. Today I will give everything I got no matter what results I get.
  9. Today I will remain faithful to the good things coming my way.
  10. Today I will listen to my gut and let it guide me.

What’s the difference between affirmations and setting daily intentions?

Although both methods of mindset shifting are very effective, they have some slight differences.

Affirmations typically start with “I am” whereas daily intentions start with “I will” or “I intend to”.

Another difference is the time and place where these methods are used.

Affirmations are used at any point in the day to rewire self-limiting beliefs and replace them with new empowering ones by repeating them.

Daily intentions are usually set at one point during your day, most commonly in the morning, and are used as a reminder to guide you through your day.

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Final thoughts

I am personally a huge advocate of setting daily intentions.

You don’t want to go through life on auto-pilot, reacting to everything life throws at you and repeating the same behavioral patterns.

You want to be in control and use that amazing intellectual asset, your mind, for your greater good, not your daily doom.

Start creating a vision for yourself as you go through your day, instruct your mind, and watch the transformation take place!

Thanks for reading!

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