How To Give Yourself A Major Boost in Confidence [Realistic]

Confidence seems to be something we can easily advise someone on, and yet we fail to have it ourselves. To give yourself a good boost in confidence means you need to truly believe in who you are, not who your thoughts tell you you are. Let’s get into this!

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1. Get To Know The Real You

And I mean the real you, not the one you imagine you would want to be or not. Sit down, maybe grab a notebook, and write down 5 strengths and 5 weaknesses.

First and foremost, knowing who you are can give you a major boost in confidence! A lot of times in life we try to “fit in” and change or pretend to be someone else. For example, you might hate that you are an introvert and feel bad about not being like your outgoing friends when instead you should be super proud of who YOU are and recognize your strengths and your weaknesses!

You are unique. There is no one else in the world that matches you to a “T”. Know the real you, recognize that you are unique in your own amazing ways, and let self-love boost your confidence!

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2. Practice Self-Love

Confidence is not like a pill that you can pop and suddenly feel badass.

It is essentially a shift in your mindset. In fact, you have all the tools you need to boost your confidence right here, right now. You just have to put your attention to it!

Now, telling you to practice self-love sounds easier said than done. I totally get it. The thing is that practice of any form requires, well, practice! It is like a muscle that needs to be trained in order to grow stronger.

Start talking to yourself as if you are speaking to a friend or family member. Love all your imperfections, own everything you consider a flaw, and walk as you know very well who YOU are!

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3. Take A Break From Social Media

Is your confidence feeling low? Well, it could be all that IG scrolling you’ve been doing. (GUILTY!)

Here’s the bitter truth. Social media isn’t as fun and glamorous as it appears.

A lot of influencers whom you look up to actually struggle just as much as you, if not more! The difference is they know their angles, they have good lighting and well, they’re pretty good at putting on a good show!

If you notice that your confidence has taken a massive hit, and you don’t know where that’s coming from, try taking a small break from social media.

If that’s super hard for you, try taking a 1-2 day break from it. You will definitely feel more at ease and even more confident!

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4. Do Things That Make You Feel Good

Do you ever watch those phenomenal Britney Spears dance routines, then get up, dance to them, and feel like a hot pop star?

Well, you just did something you love and you gave yourself a boost in confidence!

Do things that make you feel good. What makes your inner goddess come out? Is it exercise? Is it dancing? A certain kind of dancing? Is it learning a musical instrument? Maybe singing and performing?

There has to be something in you that just comes straight from your soul’s desire to be happy!

Find what that special something is for you, and make it a priority to dedicate some time throughout the week and just immerse yourself in it!

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5. Do Something That Scares You

Dissimilarly, doing something you’ve never done before might sound like the opposite of confidence but there are some pretty cool facts about this.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the dreaded “comfort zone” before.

In the comfort zone, while it might feel comfortable and calm, there is no room for growth.

When you push yourself to grow, you gain self-esteem points. Higher self-esteem leads to higher confidence levels.

Find something that scares you. Maybe go out for karaoke, or sign up for a class you would otherwise never sign up for. Maybe try zip lining or bungee jumping!

My point is to push your self-limitations to uncover how strong and amazing you really are. Now that’s a confidence booster!

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