This Is The Only Workout Tracking Book You Need To See Now

My workout tracking book is the only workout log book you will ever need! In two cute colours, baby blue and pink!

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The Only Workout Tracking Book You Will Ever Need

Beautifully designed Workout Tracking Book and Fitness Journal for women who want to track their workouts, meals, progress, goals and so much more!

–>In Just One Week of using this workout log book, you will feel relieved, stress-free, organized, motivated, and closer to achieving your fitness goals than ever before!

–>Perfect As A Gift for women of any age who are just getting into exercise and healthy living and need motivation and help with their workout, meal, and goals tracking!<–

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7 Reasons To Buy This Workout Tracking Book:

  1. KEEP TRACK OF YOUR WORKOUT PERFORMANCE: Motivate yourself by keeping track of your performance! No more trying to memorize or guessing your workouts’ sets/reps/weight/duration. Progressive overload can only be achieved by keeping track of your workout performance!
  2. NUTRITION TRACKING: Bodies are built in the kitchen. Keep track of your macronutrients (carbs, protein, fats), calories, and water intake to make sure you are getting enough of what your hardworking body needs!
  3. SLEEP, HABIT, PERIOD TRACKERS: There are so many factors that impact your training. Track your sleep, habits, and period cycle so you can always be prepared for everything.
  4. MEASUREMENTS TRACKER: Track your measurements every week and pat yourself on the back for every milestone you reach!
  5. MOTIVATION: This Workout Tracking Book comes in pink and baby blue, two cute and empowering colours guaranteed to lift your spirits up! Be your motivation!
  6. PORTABLE, COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT SIZE: Easy to carry with you in your gym bag or anywhere else you go. (6”x9”)
  7. WOMEN OF ALL FITNESS LEVELS: This log book is perfect for women of all fitness levels.

Workout Log Book Features:

  • 121 PAGES, SIZE 6”x9”, 37 DAYS OF TRACKING
  • Measurements Starting Point, to track your starting point on the first page.
  • Daily Workout Log/Fitness Journal with mood tracking, warm-up, and cool-down space, notes, and workout rating.
  • Daily Meal Planner with hunger level tracking, grocery list, calorie, and macronutrient tracking, water intake, and notes.
  • Daily Sleep, Habit, and Period Tracker with notes.
  • A Fitness Goals Page is repeated weekly with measurement tracking, struggles, goals, motivation, action plans, milestones, and notes.
  • Before & After Pictures with notes at the end of the book.
  • Measurements Comparison before and after at the end of the book.
  • Check-In Journal to be filled at the end of this book with questions and space for writing down your answers.

–> Looking for a fitness gift for her under $50?

–>Buy The Workout Log Book Now for yourself or as a gift and get excited and motivated about living your best and healthiest life now!

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