6 Easily Attainable Fitness Goals For Beginners To Achieve 2023

The new year is about to roll in which means it’s time to set some realistic goals that we can actually stick by in 2023!

There are just 48 days left in our current year!

Around this time, many people like to prepare a list of goals they want to achieve in this new year, hence the “new year, new me” motto.

If you’re familiar with this motto, you might also know that the majority of those people fail to follow through with their goals.

Why do most people fail to follow through with their new year’s resolutions? Because they strive for too many or too difficult to achieve goals for their current capabilities.

“Your willpower is like a health bar in a video game. We all have a certain amount of it. When you set too many goals or find it too difficult to obtain goals for your current capabilities, you will become overwhelmed and give up.”

With that being said, here are 6 realistic fitness goals for beginners you can achieve in 2023.

Download the Monthly Goal List Template For 2023 and start your year with confidence in yourself!

6 Realistic Fitness Goals For Beginners 2023

1. Figure out what type of exercise you enjoy.

I am starting this “fitness goals for beginners” list with a simple and easily attainable goal.

One of the biggest mistakes fitness beginners make is forcing themselves into exercise regimes they don’t enjoy. Exercise and body movement shouldn’t be a chore or something you dread doing. It should be the exact opposite.

There are many types of exercise out there ranging from dancing to walking, Pilates and barre, weightlifting, etc. You are BOUND to find what you love and inevitably come back to!

2. Exercise of your choice, once a week.

Once you’ve figured out what type of exercise you enjoy, commit to practicing it once a week.

The idea behind this is that you will start working on that commitment muscle with just one session per week. Remember small steps lead to concrete big changes. It won’t be long until you are ready to start adding more workout sessions to your week!

3. Pick one “naughty food group”, and limit it or cut it out for one week.

You know what I mean by “naughty food group”! Sugar, junk food, salty snacks, sodas, etc.

Pick one of those things that you consume daily or frequently, and commit to either limiting them or cutting them out fully for one week.

I recommend keeping track of this so you can witness the transformation as well as motivate yourself to keep going!

Use my Workout Log Book/Fitness Journal to log your meals for the day as well as the Habit tracker and notes space to see how you feel and if you have cravings.

4. Increase your current water intake by two glasses for one week.

Water is very important for anyone looking to focus on their fitness goals.

According to Verywellfit.com, sufficient water intake increases aerobic capacity, meaning it enhances your performance, enhances power and strength, and boosts cognition.

Add two glasses of water to your current intake for one week, then try adding another two for one more week!

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5. Shift your mindset by using affirmations.

This one might not seem like a fitness goal at first glance but its impact on your fitness performance is direct and evident.

This is one of the most important fitness goals for beginners because as a beginner, you are more prone to giving up on something you haven’t grown accustomed to.

If you want to achieve your fitness goals but your mind tells you that you’re not capable, chances are you will give up before you even start.

  1. Sit down with a pen and paper and write down 1-2 goals for your current month.
  2. Then right down 3-5 mental blocks you are experiencing that prevent you from achieving those goals.
  3. Lastly, write down 3-5 affirmations or quotes that counteract the negative ones and repeat them daily until you’ve reprogrammed your mind from hopelessness and negativity to a state of empowerment and confidence!

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6. Learn to love yourself in whatever part of your journey you may be.

As a fitness beginner, you might be thinking that you have a long way to go. Some day you might even feel like you might never reach your end goal.

On those days I want you to remember this:

  • In fitness, there is NO FINAL DESTINATION. To quote one of my favourite phrases I came across on Bodybuilding.com, “that’s why it’s called body-BUILDING not body-BUILT.”
  • Everyone starts on Day 1. Olympians, professional athletes, etc. You are part of that incredible group of people that began on Day 1 and despite the inevitable ups and downs, stuck through with their goal with endless determination!

Download the Monthly Goal List Template For 2023 and start your year with confidence in yourself!

Thanks for reading, fit babe!

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  1. This post has come at the perfect time! I’m currently on my weight loss/fitness/health journey and as much as I feel I’m doing well and seeing progress, I’m still very much a beginner! Thank you for sharing!

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