6 Jump Rope Benefits That Will Make You Start Skipping!

Here are 6 jump rope benefits that will get you off the couch and jump roping away!

woman in activewear doing jump rope

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In this blog post:

  • What is jumping rope?
  • What is jumping rope good for?
  • Is it ok to jump rope everyday?
  • How can beginners start jump roping?
  • Do you need a weighted jump rope?
  • 6 Jump rope benefits
  • Beginner jump rope workout
  • Weighted jump rope session

What Is Jumping Rope?

Remember jumping rope as a young kid?

Jump rope is an excellent exercise method that is far beyond leisure and games, and it can also enhance health and exercise.

Jumping rope is the best exercise that can improve heart health. But the beauty of jumping rope is you don’t need many hours of work or equipment—you only need 15-20 minutes of jumping rope to reap the benefits!

It is considered a cardiovascular form of exercise, where you swing a rope around your body, jumping up as it passes under your feet.

So, let’s dive into the jump rope benefits!

What Is Jumping Rope Good For?

Jumping rope is one of the most effiecient ways to get a good workout in.

As I mentioned above, it is considered primarily a cardiovascular type of exercise.

It’s good for the heart, lungs, and endurance.

It’s also good for your coordination and balance.

Best of all, jumping rope is super affordable!

Check this jump rope out from Amazon at just $14!

Is It OK To Jump Rope Everyday?

Just like any other workout routine, you should always include rest days.

Aiming for 3-5 jump rope sessions is pretty effective.

With that being said, if you enjoy jump roping and want to do it daily, do so, but make those workouts short and sweet!

Training the same muscles to failure everyday is a big NO-NO!

woman in activewear jump roping

How Can Beginners Start Jump Roping?

As a beginner, jump roping shouldnt scare you!

Here is a video by Jump Rope Dudes that will help you get started!

And if you really want to dive in, check out their other jump rope videos!

Do You Need A Weighted Jump Rope?

Resistance training in any form is always a plus if you’re looking to increase the intensity if your workout!

Weight jump ropes are definitely a great step-up and will definitely increase caloric expenditure and cardiovascular fitness!

So, to sum up, you don’t need a weighted jump rope, however, it would increase the jump rope benefits!

6 Jump Rope Benefits

Now that we’ve covered everything, let’s dive into the 6 jump rope benefits that will get you roping!

1. Total body strengthening

One of the best jump rope benefits is the fact that you get a full body workout without even realizing you do! Calves, quads, hamstrings, core, arms, shoulders, and more!

2. Increased agility

Jump rope is especially beneficial for your agility. You can develop proper footwork and move quicker! This can be even more beneficial for other sports as well where agility is required ex. volleyball, boxing, etc.

3. Better coordination

Jump rope is a total body and mind exercise. Your hands, feet and even eyes have to move altogether to get that rope to keep going. This is a pretty challenging task but one that will work your coordination skills and make you a jump roping ninja!

4. Boosts bone density

How amazing is this? According to a small 2015 study of premenopausal women showed that jump rope can improve hip bone mineral density. Bone density decreases as we age. Jump rope and other bone density buikding activities can add a major health benefit as well as reduce the risk of those issues! If you’re already dealing with such an issue however, you should consult your doctor before you engage in such vigorous activities.

5. Time efficient

Have you ever been in a pinch and thought to yourself, ” I wish I could get a quick, effective workout in just 10 minutes?” Well, jump rope will do more than that for you! As I mentioned above, jump rope is highly time effiecient. Since it involves many muscles at once, a 10-minute workout will leave you huffin’ and puffin’ while boosting all the feel good hormones and metabolism! Now you definitely don’t have any more excuses!

6. It keeps you in the moment

Being in the moment these days seems to be getting harder and harder. Our minds ae always going in order to keep up with our fast paced lives. Jump roping keeps you in the moment, since you need to focus on the rhythm of the exercise.

sporty woman jumping rope

Jump Rope Workout

So, here is a quick yet effective, beginner jump rope workout by Jump Rope Dudes!

and if you are ready to up the intensity, here is a weighted jump rope workout!

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