5 Tips On Decluttering To Help You Clear Out Your Wonderful Space

Time to unveil your wonderful space with these 5 tips on decluttering!

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There comes a time for all of us when “the chair” or the drawers need some lovin’ and for me, that time has definitely come.

So I decided to write a post about 5 tips on decluttering, that have personally helped me every time either by motivating me or facilitating the decluttering process.

So here they are!

5 Tips On Decluttering

1. Make a decluttering time slot in your schedule and stick to it.

So, first things first, decluttering a room or even a small area requires time. It shouldn’t be something you rush. It should be enjoyable and even relaxing. Look at your schedule and find what day and time will be the best to take care of your space, then stick to it.

2. If big spaces overwhelm you, start with a small area.

Just like setting big goals can be overwhelming, trying to clean up a big, messy room can be frightening and repelling. Instead of trying to tackle the entire room, why not tackle a small area? This will also give you a bit of a boost in confidence in terms of goal setting and productivity. It’s a win-win!

3. Create a vision for your project.

So, let’s say you want to clean your drawers. Instead of just diving into it, and once again, risking feeling overwhelmed or bored by the whole process, create a vision and a plan. How do you want this drawer to look? Do you want to keep different articles of clothing in different drawers? Do you want to separate them based on occasion, or colour? Have a plan and execute.

4. Choose your favourite tunes.

For me personally, this one is an absolute must. Make this decluttering duty a fun one by adding music! I usually go for lo-fi beats because it makes the whole experience very chill and calm but also focused and clear.

5. Once everything is said and done, reward yourself.

You just did something you should be proud of. Taking time to declutter your space can be pretty tough, because, well, it’s a chore. Reward yourself either by having a favourite snack or taking some me time! Congrats!

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  1. Thank you for the valuable tips! We bought a bigger house, and I still need to organize many corners. I hope I`ll start soon)

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