5 Minute, Easy, NO-BLEND, Healthy Smoothies, To ENERGIZE Your Day

Looking for a nutritious, healthy breakfast on the go? Maybe a healthy smoothie as a snack? Do you love smoothies, but blending takes forever? Evive offers healthy smoothies made from fruits, vegetables, superfoods, and plant-based protein. The best part? They come in the form of frozen cubes. All you need is a cup/shaker, and a liquid of your choice! Read on…

6 healthy breakfast smoothies

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6 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies In Seconds!

So, by now, the smoothie craze is no big news.

Everyone seems to want to adopt a healthier lifestyle, and that includes adding those fruits and veggies to your diet, as much as possible!

You bought your fruits, you got your dark leafy greens, your superfoods, and your blender. Now you have to put everything together, blend, and then deal with the mess that’s left behind.

While there is nothing wrong with that, you can probably find a faster alternative.

Let me introduce you, to the most convenient way to have a healthy and delicious smoothie.

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6 healthy breakfast smoothies

Who is Evive Smoothies?

6 healthy breakfast smoothies

Evive smoothies is a Canadian company from Quebec founded by a couple ( Claudia and Dominic ) who were on a wellness journey to becoming plant-based.

Claudia fell in love with smoothies and together they invented an easy way to incorporate a healthy smoothie into a pre-made frozen cube package that required no blender. 

Evive Smoothies quickly spread in popularity and are now available in Canada and the USA.

Delicious blender-free frozen smoothies that require no blender and make zero mess!

6 healthy breakfast smoothies

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How To Make The Healthy Breakfast Smoothies

The pre-made, healthy smoothie blends, come frozen in the form of cubes, packed in a spiral.

You can pop in half the pack for a quick healthy snack. Similarly, use the entire spiral, for a total meal replacement!

  • Let the cubes thaw for about 15 minutes.
  • Add your liquid of choice.
  • Shake and chug!
6 healthy breakfast smoothies
6 healthy breakfast smoothies
6 healthy breakfast smoothies
6 healthy breakfast smoothies
6 healthy breakfast smoothies

6 Evive Healthy Smoothie Flavors

I love products where ingredients are clean and good for you.

Evive Smoothies make sure you’re getting healthy, quality ingredients in your snacks and meals. Every smoothie you choose is packed with ingredients you know and can trust.

They’re very transparent about the quality and ingredients that go into every smoothie.

Evive smoothie cubes are made with whole fruits, some organic fruits and vegetables, and plant-based protein. 

You just can’t go wrong with these nutritious superfood smoothies.

Below I have listed, 6 Evive Smoothies flavors, as well as a little bit of info about them.


Generally, I always go for the green smoothie.

Unsurprisingly, this one is a rich, green smoothie. Perfect for body nourishment for those active days. Breakfast, lunch, or post-workout.

Some of its key ingredients are kale, pear, spinach, banana and so much more!

Mango Amla Berry

Their first smoothie, without any plant-based protein.

If you aren’t a plant-based fanatic, and just want a healthy smoothie, this one is definitely for you.

Most of all, this one is an immune system booster, since it is made with a vitamin and mineral blend.

Passion Mango

In need of a tropical punch? Some vacation vibes maybe? Then this one’s for ya!

Packed with passion fruit and mango, it will inevitably transport you to a tropical paradise.

Some of its key ingredients include passionfruit, banana, mango, and more.

Cashew Mocha

cashew mocha healthy smoothie

First of all, I am a major coffee lover! It is hands down part of my morning ritual, as is for many.

While many would say that nothing beats a good cup of coffee in the morning, I beg to differ.

When I first tried this smoothie, I was full for pretty much the rest of my day. That’s because this smoothie combines breakfast and coffee, all in one.

Key ingredients include cold brew concentrate, cashew protein, grape, flaxseed, zucchini, and more.

Asana Acai Smoothie

Probably the most well-known smoothie kind/flavor.

Acai is full of antioxidants.

Composed mainly of wild and acai berries as well as a protein blend and dehydrated vegetable blend. Perfect for easy acai bowl recipes!


This smoothie is designed to protect your body against free radicals, with its antioxidants.

It is mainly composed of strawberries, raspberries, beets and a dehydrated vegetable blend.

I mix mine with almond milk, and drink it after a good sun tanning session!

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Evive Healthy Smoothies Summary

What I love about Evive Smoothies

  • They’re a huge time saver! You can make a meal replacement in minutes and you can have a smoothie done with almost no effort at all. Just pour your favorite liquid over the frozen smoothie cubes, let it sit, and shake.
  • They’re Vegan, Gluten-Free and there are zero sugars added. That is especially rare, since a lot of so-called “healthy” companies, load their products with hidden sugar.
  • They are jam -packed with superfoods, vegetables, fruits, healthy fats and so much more. Your skin will thank you too!
  • They can be found in most Canadian grocery stores. Additionally, the online subscription box option is a great choice, because you can custom pick your favorite flavors. They also have promotions running all the time, especially for first timers.

What I don’t like about Evive Smoothies

  • You need to have a subscription, in order to purchase a product online.
  • If you have any allergies or dietary restrictions such as IBS, these smoothies might not be a good fit for you. Always make sure you read the ingredients label!

Cunclusion on Evive Healthy Smoothies

I recommend Evive Smoothies, to anyone looking to boost their protein, vitamin/mineral, and nutrient daily intake, in a very affordable and easy way.

Ditch the vitamin pills and chug a smoothie packed with everything you need!

If you are dealing with dietary restrictions and gut issues, read the label of ingredients before you purchase.

Don’t forget to check out Evive Smoothies and use my code BF40, for 40% off your box!


Thank you very much for reading!

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