5 Fall Decor Living Room Essentials On Amazon [Ideas]

I am all about the fall vibes when autumn comes around! Make the transition pleasant by adding these 5 fall decor living room essentials to your home!

Amazon fall decor living room essentials

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5 Fall Decor Living Room Essentials On Amazon [Ideas]

1. Pumpkin Pie Essential Oil

Obviously, I will start this list with something pumpkin related, I just can’t help it! Make your home smell like a pumpkin pie with this pumpkin pie essential oil set!

2. Vegan Pumpkin Everything Scented Candle

If you don’t have a diffuser or you just have a preference for candles, this pumpkin spice-scented candle is all you need! Pumpkin spice combined with marshmallows and sandalwood makes this toxin-free, vegan candle delight! It lasts for a while and makes the entire house smell like a baked dessert!

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3. Decorative Pillows

I am absolutely obsessed with pillows! I usually have at least 5-6 on my couch at all times, because I just love the comfort and look. Splurge in some decorative fall pillows and get comfortable while sipping on some PSL. Sounds great right?

4. Couch Throw

Cozy up with a fall-inspired couch throw while reading a spooky story!

5. Decorative Pieces

Living room decorations are a very personal thing but here is a few unique pieces I found and have fallen in love with!

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