3 Manifestation Techniques That Brought Me Amazing Results

These days everyone is getting in touch with their spirituality. Manifesting and the Law of Attraction seem to become more and more popular amongst spirituality-seeking people. Here are 3 manifestation techniques that I have personally tried and still swear by every day!


I remember when I was only 13 years old and got the friend group I always pictured myself hanging out with.

My manifestation journey started at a young age, but it wasn’t until I turned 18 that I found out that what I was experiencing, had a name.

According to the experts, manifestation is essentially defining your dream life and taking action towards making it come true.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into my personal favourite 3 manifestation techniques that yielded amazing results and still do.

1. Meditation

The number one thing on my manifestation techniques list has to be meditation.

Here is a post where I give you my 6 Meditation Techniques For Beginners.

Meditation is the practice of being truly in the moment and in tune with your true self.

Through the practice of meditation, you learn self-love and self-forgiveness, two very important skills you need to have before going into other manifestation techniques.

You must absolutely know who you are otherwise how can you visualize your future self when you don’t even know your current version?

This can create an “energy block”.

I started practicing meditation in April 2021, and through the practice of meditation, I gained a better perspective into myself, my mind, my true desires, and the powers of the Universe!

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2. Gratitude Journal

It can be very hard to find something you are grateful for when your current life seems to have nothing worth appreciating.

However, we tend to take so many things for granted, and that creates negative energy around the subject of abundance, which is what we all seek.

Practice this every single day: Grab a pen and paper, I use a Gratitude Journal because it helps me commit to it daily.

Write down 3 things you are grateful for. This doesn’t have to be your expensive clothes, or your brand new phone, etc.

Think of things that are truly important and without them, life would truly be bad.

Things such as having a roof over your head, or having food in the fridge and a job that provides money to buy this food and have this roof over your head.

These are things that many people don’t have.

When you start to recognize that the things you take for granted are actually what makes you comfortable and happy, you are opening yourself to endless abundance and starting to become more appreciative of your life.

3. Scripting With True Emotion

You may have heard of scripting through Tik Tok or other social media platforms.

In case you don’t know, scripting is the act of writing as your future self, in graphic detail, using pen and paper.

Basically, you put yourself fully into your future self’s shoes. Where are you? How are you dressed? What are you doing?

And most importantly, how do you feel? Are you happy? Crying tears of joy? Are you ecstatic?

You must absolutely embody your emotions because emotions create energy. Energy is put out in the Universe, and that creates frequency changes!

After you’re done writing in your scripting journal, definitely recommend getting a physical journal, reading the most important statements out loud, and repeating them until you fully believe in them.

For example, let’s say you’ve written: “I am financially comfortable and able to go wherever I want to go”.

Repeat this statement again and again until you fully feel it as if it has been done already.

Put yourself in that amazing situation. Feel what it’s like to be financially comfortable and able to travel everywhere, anytime.

And no holding back. There are no limits to what you deserve.

When you reach the point where your heart starts to flutter from excitement, and you feel it in your stomach, you know you’ve done it. Stay in that beautiful embodiment feeling for as long as you can. You are basically matching that frequency of your future, dream self!

This one for me personally, is an absolute favourite and HIGHLY effective.

—> One small tip: The process of repeating your statement until you feel it can take a while. In fact, it can take hours. Please keep trying and keep believing in the power that you hold in your mind. Your beliefs can truly create shifts in your life! <—

Thanks for reading, fit babe!

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