10 Daily Intentions List To Set For Positive Reframing [PDF]

The power of setting daily intentions is immense! If you are new to the concept of daily intentions, read on! At the end of the post, download the PDF of the 10 daily intentions list so you can always have it on your phone!

What Are Daily Intentions?

Intentions are essentially reminders of where you want to direct your focus.

They can be sentences or just single words.

Intentions can have powerful effects on your mental well-being especially when you use them on a daily basis!

When you get in the habit of setting intentions you can expect:

  • A feeling of safety and calmness.
  • Greater control over stressful situations.
  • A better understanding of your emotions and reactions.
  • A grounding feeling of belonging.
  • A greater sense of mindfulness and awareness.

Setting intentions is very similar to repeating affirmations, however, affirmations are sentences that you repeat in order to change your state of mind at the moment, whereas intentions are more like daily goals/commitments.

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How To Set Daily Intentions

Setting daily intentions is very easy!

I would recommend writing in a journal or at least a notebook because writing has more of an impact than remembering.

  • Start by taking a few deep breaths to recenter your energy.
  • Place your hands where you can feel your breath, ex. tummy, chest.
  • Let your emotions flow freely. How are you feeling today? Are you anxious? Sad? Are you happy? Are you excited about something?
  • Now ask yourself, how would you like to be throughout your day? What attitude do you want to have? Where are you directing your energy? This is where you grab a pen and paper and set your intention.
  • Write it with firmness and determination, as if you are making a commitment to yourself.

Write down: “Today, I will [blank].

You can write, “Today I am going to remain centered despite what happens around me.”

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10 Daily Intentions For Positive Reframing List [PDF]

Today, I will…

  1. Focus on the positive side of things.
  2. Remain centered despite everything happening in my external world.
  3. Not let negative situations affect my loving energy.
  4. Not let negative self-talk affect me.
  5. Focus on doing things that lift up my spirit.
  6. Honor my desires.
  7. Talk to myself like I would talk to a close friend, with love and kindness.
  8. Be proud of being my absolute best version right here, right now.
  9. Take time to relax.
  10. Be grateful for everything in my life right now, as well as what is on its way.

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